Renew Air Cushions
For a Better Tomorrow

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Less new plastics
produced from oil

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Crude oil saved since 2020

Less CO2 emission

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CO2 saved since 2020

Renew Air Cushions are made with True Plastic Waste from Consumers.

Renew air cushions are 100% recyclable.


Made with true waste. Renew air cushions are produced with minimal 30% recycled plastic waste from consumers like bags and wrappings. The air cushions are 100% recyclable.

Consumption & Use:

Used to protect the content of your package. The air cushions are used to make sure you receive your package damage-free.

Recycling & Reuse:

Please Recycle me! The air cushion can be disposed of with your plastic waste so it can be reused again.

Our Sustainable Product Design Principles

At Pregis, we believe that circularity is key to building sustainability into every part of the supply chain. We manufacture the highest quality product packaging based on our sustainable product design principles.

We focus on true circularity

We use post-consumer recycled waste as much as possible.

We close the circular loop

All our products are 100% recyclable with non toxic ingredients.

We drive innovation

We are continuously looking for new ways to further reduce CO2 emission and end plastic waste.

We certify our products

Our products are certified by independent organisations to guarantee and validate the origin and impact through the supply chain.

We minimize CO2 emission

We use raw materials and production methods that minimize CO2 emission. Short supply lines – we produce our products close to our customers.

We Certify our Products

We use independent organisations and certification programs to certify our products. These organisations & programs help improve global sustainability by offering guidelines and certifications for companies working towards a greener future.

The post-consumer recycled content in the Renew air cushions is EUcertplast certified (European Certification of Plastics Recycling). With the EuCertPlast certification, we give you an assurance that the resins processed in our supplier’s plant are treated according to best practices and with respect towards the environment.

A Life Cycle Analysis study performed by Emitwise has confirmed that the Post Consumer Recycled resin used to produce Renew air cushions has a 93% lower CO2 emission compared to plastic resin produced from oil.

We use Post-Consumer Recycled waste where possible

There are many ways how to recycle plastic and reuse it in the production of new products. At Pregis we choose to maximise the content of post-consumer recycled plastic which is true waste. Post-consumer waste has completed its life cycle as a retail or consumer item, like plastic bags, bottles and plastic packaging.

Post-Consumer Recycled Content versus Post-Industrial Recycled Content

(simplified representation)

  1. Producer of the Films
  2. Retail, the films are on demand inflated into air cushions which protect the content of your package
  3. Consumer, disposes of plastic waste so it can be recycled
  4. Resin made from post-consumer recycled waste
  5. Producers of plastic products, disposes of industrial waste/ production scrap so it can be recycled
  6. Resin made from Post Industrial Recycled waste

CO2 emission explained

There’s no denying that CO2 emissions have a negative influence on the earth’s climate. Our Renew air cushions help companies to lower their carbon footprint.

We minimize CO2 emission by using Post Consumer Recycled waste

Using recycled waste generates less CO2 emission than using virgin resources (plastic produced out of oil). And the use of post-consumer recycled waste generates less CO2 emission than the use of post-industrial recycled waste.

  1. Virgin resin made from fossil oil (<70% used in Renew air cushions)
  2. Resin made from post-consumer recycled waste (>30% used in Renew air cushions)
  3. Up to 52% CO2 reduction and 100% recyclable
0 kg CO2 saved

What is 1 Ton of CO2 equal to?

2,6 economy flights Amsterdam – Rome

1 car on gasoline driving 5000 km in NL (source CBS, Dutch National Statistics)

source: What exactly is 1 ton of CO2? We make it tangible. – Climate Neutral Group

About Pregis

At Pregis, our mission is to Protect, Preserve and Inspyre. We want to protect products with the best packaging solutions. We do that in such a manner that we minimise the impact on the environment.

Our 2030 goals represent a bold plan to lead the industry into a more sustainable future, by focusing our employees, organisation, and customers on achieving tangible, meaningful sustainability goals.

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